SONOFF BASICZBR3 Zigbee Smart Switch - Works

I usually don’t have much luck with devices just working when there is no app for them, sometimes end messing around and throwing something together to make it work. This one does outta the box as a basic on/off switch.

I didn’t see anyone else reporting that in the community (unless I missed it, or there is a non-English version, I did try searching) so thought I’d share in case anyone was wondering and looking to buy some.

Pretty cheap too!


u say it works out of the box ?
no tasmota and no nothing? how did u add it ? can u explain?

this right ?

Add it as a generic Zigbee (Homey > Zigbee) device. It doesn’t need Tasmota because it’s Zigbee, not WiFi.

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Ok 10x!

Did you sort it in the end?

Mine have been running fine since I installed them. :sunglasses:


I have just received one BASICZBR3 and tried to connect it to my Homey without luck.

I’ve tried to connect using the generic Homey method and using the Sonoff driver. When using the last method it asks to press the button on the switch for at least 8 seconds which I have done but with no luck.

Do you have any ideas why it doesn’t work for me?