Somfy rts time out


Bought today Homey to control my blinds.

I put homey in my living room that’s connected to my open kitchen, so the distance is about 8 meters, after a little while I get the error time out after 30000ms.

So… what do I do wrong? I followed the correct steps, the blind is in programming mode because it gives the me down and up feedback.

To debug I placed homey next to it, 1.5meter Away, but still got a time-out

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Try to delete the app, restart homey, install the app again, try pairing. Sometimes you have to do this several times before succes. Other users tried another app which also can work; Sunway Window Coverings

Thanks @Marcel_Ubels did work, I indeed had to reinstall it a few times :frowning: bad first experience tho!