Somfy RTS & Homey 6.1.0 trouble

I have Somfy RTS Installed on My Homey.
Works fine, But if I disconnect the power to Homey.
The Controll of Somfy Blinds don’t work anynore….
All other apps and equiptment on Homey work fine.

I then have to delete all My Somfy Blinds and pair them again….

Does anyone have the same problem?
Any Solution for this trouble?

I dont experience this myself, but problems like these often get solved by restarting the app, in this case Somfy RTS. If that is true for you too, using the power user experiment gives you a flowcard that can do so after a reboot. I normally use a delay of 10 mins to give Homey time to properly load before I reload offending apps.

Tnx Edwin
I’ll try to do that