Something similar to switchbot to work with homey?

I wanted to buy the they dont ship to israel
So i need to find an alternative…

Any ideas to what item could work with homey?

Thanks !

This one should send to Israel

It’s bluetooth, so a tuya wifi-zigbee-bluetooth gateway is advicable.

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The homey hub itself, is not enough?
I need another hub?

There’s no app for Tuya Ble devices. And there’s no “generic Bluetooth” device driver like the generic zigbee driver.
Maybe there’s bots with zigbee out there, but I didn’t find them yet.

The Switchbot app however, can control Switchbot bots via Ble or via the switchbot hub.

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So there is no device like this wich i link to homey? Only use 3rd party app?
Because switchbot do not ship to israel and tuya as i understand from you, are not supported…
Am understanding correctly?

And thanks for your help !

You’re welcome.
The Tuya ones can be controlled by Homey, but you’ll need a Tuya “Multi mode gateway
(ships to Israel; Wifi version €20 - LAN version €40)
to be able to control them.
Use the Homey Tuya Cloud app to control them via the tap-to-run scene method.

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I will give it a try
Thanks !

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