Something similar to switchbot to work with homey?

I wanted to buy the they dont ship to israel
So i need to find an alternative…

Any ideas to what item could work with homey?

Thanks !

This one should send to Israel

It’s bluetooth, so a tuya wifi-zigbee-bluetooth gateway is advicable.

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The homey hub itself, is not enough?
I need another hub?

There’s no app for Tuya Ble devices. And there’s no “generic Bluetooth” device driver like the generic zigbee driver.
Maybe there’s bots with zigbee out there, but I didn’t find them yet.

The Switchbot app however, can control Switchbot bots via Ble or via the switchbot hub.

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So there is no device like this wich i link to homey? Only use 3rd party app?
Because switchbot do not ship to israel and tuya as i understand from you, are not supported…
Am understanding correctly?

And thanks for your help !

You’re welcome.
The Tuya ones can be controlled by Homey, but you’ll need a Tuya “Multi mode gateway
(ships to Israel; Wifi version €20 - LAN version €40)
to be able to control them.
Use the Homey Tuya Cloud app to control them via the tap-to-run scene method.

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I will give it a try
Thanks !

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hey hi
just saw this posting and have a question about it because i have a problem.

I can find the Tuya Multi mode gateway LAN Version :frowning:

I have this problem:

Maybe one of you can help me!
I got two Adaprox Fingerbots and also home hubs.
I tried them and at home in my private wifi and there all worked fine.
At the moment I have a problem by using it at other wifis.
Where I want to use it i have two wifis.
One is a public wifi. But during the connection process you have to press “ok”. So that wifi has no password … so i can’t use it.
The other wifi is restricted. Only when the admin set in the networkmanagment, that a connected device (known by the MAC Number), is accepeted, it will get more bandwith.
But here is the problem: The home hub does not have one (or cant be noticed at the system). So its bandwith is zero which leads to a no-connection and no pairing.
Can someone help?
Maybe there are possibilities to connect the fingerbot to a network?
Something like this:

could be connected by LAN, but only can connect zigbee devices.
As i can see in the image ( , fingerbot is only connected via bluetooth.
So the questions are:
Is there a possibiliy to connect the homehub to a restricted network?
Is there a LAN-wired-hub with bluetooth?
Are there other possibilities to get the fingerbot into the network?

You’ll need the multi-hub, with Ethernet connection (I’m still dreaming of Homey’s with ethernet :sweat_smile::pray: )

Thank you for the quick response

I already wrote with the support
And the told me that I need wifi for first connection and then I can use it via Ethernet …
But that is the problem …
Have the wifi problem …

You’re welcome.
My apologies, I didn’t read too well.
I did not expect the hub should first connect to wifi? Does it have wifi next to the LAN connection?

Every ethernet network device should have a MAC address. Isn’t it mentioned on the device itself?
With Android you can scan your wifi using the “Fing” app. It shows IP, MAC and manufacturer of all connected devices.
Maybe you’ll discover it this way.

Can’t the wifi admin (if it’s not you) help you out by temporary disabling the MAC enabled bandwidth setting? Because after you connected the hub to the Tuya / smartlife app, the hub can be connected to LAN if I’m correct.
And after that the wifi bandwidth setting can be enabled again.

Can you get hold of a 2nd smartphone and temporary set it up as wifi Hotspot? Connect your phone to it, and then search for the hub in the Tuya app. When it’s ‘connected’, you should be able to connect it with ethernet.

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