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Some Innr lights do not always respond to Homey

Hi all, New user here.

I’ve set up some flows to control 6 INNR GU10 tunable spots in my kitchen. Mostly it’s working fine, but from time to time one random spot does not seem to receive commands from Homey. After restarting Homey the problem is solved… for some time.

I’ve originally grouped the 6 spots in one device group. I thought this was part of a problem. However, the problem persisted after I rebuild the flows to control individual spots in stead of the device group.

I also thougth about signal interfearance. The distance between Homey and the spots is about 5meters, passing trough 1 stone wall. Since Homey has no issue with connecting to devices further away I am reluctant to point this out as the issue. Also, resetting Homey solves the issue for some time while the position of the lights and Homey does not change.

Is there anyone with simmilal experiences, or tips what could cause it?


Try adding a delay between switching each individual lamp. In the desktop/web app, there’s a clock icon in the upper right corner of an action card where you can set a delay.

If you have 6 cards, make sure to increment the delay between each card. So first card 0s delay, second card 3s delay, third card 6s delay, etc. The delay value is something that you should test for yourself.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try