INNR lights sometimes not responding

I have 8 INNR bulbs in the bathroom. Split them in 2 groups (device groups). When I turn them of, after the multisensor detects no movement anymore, some bulbs do not turn off.
I seems somewhat random, although 1 of the bulbs gives frequent issues.

How do I solve this? I know that some may be due to interference of my sons iPhone.
Is there a way to double check the status of each bulb and re-issue the command to turn off?

I don’t think it’s due to interference. It’s a known problem that sending a command to multiple devices at the same time can cause issues like this. Typically, people solve it by sending commands to the bulbs with a bit of a delay (say 1 second) in between each command. However, this means that you need to send the command to each bulb individually, not to the group device.

In other words, the flow action column would look like this:

  • Send OFF to Bulb A
  • Send OFF to Bulb B (with a delay of 1 second)
  • Send OFF to Bulb C (with a delay of 2 seconds)

Or using the Hue Bridge! :grinning: I never had issues with the hue Bridge when switching multiple lights at the same time.


Same here, 37 Innr gu10 spots working perfecty with hue bridge and homey !

How aboutthe innr bridge? What app do u use with the Hue bridge?

Thanks, but it seems connection is bad with some devices. Even if i give a command to only 1 device