Solution for simple contactors

hello everybody,

I’m considering moving from my homemade solution to homey, i see how to do everything except one thing : wall switches, let me explain.

I don’t have a typical installation where the electricity goes through the wall switch to the light bulbs.

My setup is the following : a cable goes from my homemade home automation system to the wall switch, and then comes back (GPIO board), and the cable is a standard ethernet cable (used for simple circuit that is closed when somebody presses the wall switch. And with the GPIO board, the system notices that the switch has been pressed and then switch on the corresponding light in the house.
So, it’s not bringing 220v to the wall switch, right now it’s only around 3v (GPIO operates at 3v).

I would like to find a solution where i can put some wall switch that will replace the standard ones that i have.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Best regards.

Would that kind of product be working with homey ?

You should be looking for devices that use any of the technologies Homey uses, preferably Z-Wave or Zigbee and have an app in the appstore that supports the device you want.

Get them to a Arduino and use the app Homeyduino.

If anybody is still wondering how to achieve something like this easily, i think i’m gonna use this kind of product (didn’t find it in the list at the time) : Connected single switch, 10 A, Zigbee® | Homey Store

Will keep this thread updated as soon as i receive my homey :wink: