Homey and PEHA 868 Easyclick switch

Hi all,

Does Homey work with PEHA 868 easyclick switches ?

Pretty new in the domotica world and I still have to decide what to buy.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Jeroen

please take a look at the appstore


Hi Roy,

Thanks for the reply. Already checked it. Can’t find anything. Does that mean it doesn’t work?

Same as for Enocean. I’m looking for a switch that doesn"t need a battery and communicates with Homey. The only thing I can find is the Hue Tap. I need it for a roller shutter. So the Tap is not my first choice…

99 procent sure you wil need a app for it to get it working with homey

Okay, dissapointing, but thanks.

Anybody knows an alternative switch that does not need a battery and communicates with Homey?

As almost always, the excellent search function has a possible answer:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link. Interesting material, but not the answer for my problem. Guess I have to go for the Hue Tap option and reconfigure it to use it for the roller shutter.

By the way, the suggested option from Fibaro 2 wire wall switch looks very interesting for the lights in our new house, but as I understand you will need their controller to do the firmware updates.

you’re welcome. Hoped it had something you could go on with. There are some more topics about his, so a little bit of searching might be of help.
Fibaro devices can indeed only be updated via Fibaro’s own controllers.