Homey and PEHA 868 Easyclick switch

Hi all,

Does Homey work with PEHA 868 easyclick switches ?

Pretty new in the domotica world and I still have to decide what to buy.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Jeroen

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the reply. Already checked it. Can’t find anything. Does that mean it doesn’t work?

Same as for Enocean. I’m looking for a switch that doesn"t need a battery and communicates with Homey. The only thing I can find is the Hue Tap. I need it for a roller shutter. So the Tap is not my first choice…

Okay, dissapointing, but thanks.

Anybody knows an alternative switch that does not need a battery and communicates with Homey?

As almost always, the excellent search function has a possible answer:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link. Interesting material, but not the answer for my problem. Guess I have to go for the Hue Tap option and reconfigure it to use it for the roller shutter.

By the way, the suggested option from Fibaro 2 wire wall switch looks very interesting for the lights in our new house, but as I understand you will need their controller to do the firmware updates.

you’re welcome. Hoped it had something you could go on with. There are some more topics about his, so a little bit of searching might be of help.
Fibaro devices can indeed only be updated via Fibaro’s own controllers.