Wired light switches/domotica


A friend of mine is rebuilding his home and he’s looking to use Homey as main domotica controller. He wants to have wires (UTP?) at every switch which then goes to a relay switch(?) in the main electric cabinet (and then of course from the cabinet to the light). Is there someone here with the same setup? Which relais(?) is recommended to use with Homey and perhaps with a dimming function?
Basically it’s the same setup as Niko Home Control and I think KNX?

I hope it’s somehow clear to understand :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use any relays capable of load. I just dont get the reason to do installation this way, when you can install relays/dimmers directly behind the switch - no need to use UTP cabling.
There is new device comming to the market from Shelly, supporting 4x16A relays Shelly 4PRO that would suit this setup. Its wifi, should be supported by Homey once availale and can be controlled also directly (own web server) or over the Shelly app (redundant solution if Homey dies).

I don’t get it either but he wants it like that… The Shelly 4PRO looks pretty nice! Probably no dimming functionality?

Relays can’t be used for dimming.

Makes sense! You know if there is a dimming module which can be triggered through an UTP (or EIB/KNX) cable?
Maybe somebody here with KNX <> Homey? I know Niko works with EIB/KNX cable but this is a closed system and very expensive in it’s modules…