Replacing garage switch with connected switch


I’d like to replace the standard switch in my garage with a connected switch.

The goal is to control the lights based on a motion sensor. I can’t replace the light bulbs because they are special types of neons, placed at a height of 8 meters. Hence, the decision to control the lighting from the switch itself (& via Homey).

Could you recommend an easy-to-install type or brand of switch for this purpose?

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Do you know what wires are present in the box in the picture? There are a number options available.

Thanks Darrell, there are 3 wires. See a picture from an other switch.

ok so if three wires you probably have a neutral wire present which gives you more options. There are a number switches from Aqara and Fibaro that both work very well with Homey, they would give you manual control and control from Homey Flow etc. Not sure what country you are in so check voltage although most are 100-230v so pretty universal now.

Something like this maybe Smart Wall Switch H1 EU (With Neutral) - Aqara

or these Single & Double Switch - Smart light switch | FIBARO


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Thanks @Darrell_Etherington !

Obviously goes without saying be careful on the mains voltage unless you are ok with electrics etc.

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To protect anyone, as this assumption is very wrong, there is no neutral wire to see in this “box” and isn’t always normal to see, this switch is connected as a “3 way switch”, so it can be turned on from another switch somewhere else as wel.
Though as both pictures are completely different it is hard to say what your current state is.

As with any other thing electrical, if you don’t know what you are doing or looking at, get yourself an educated electrician.

PS: the second picture, I hope the guy who did that will never do anything electrical anymore, an inwall switch without a proper inwall-box to put it in, is not done anywhere in the world.

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