Three gang light switch suggestion?

I have a three gang switch which is a little bit complex so looking for a solution to make it smart…

Two of the switches are in 2-way setup with the downstairs switches (to do upstairs downstairs) and the third switch is actually related to a completely different circuit in the house.

So, i’d like to be able to retain the three switches but have them operate / powered independently so that they don’t cross the streams…

Is anyone aware of such a solution?

I think in principle I could maybe just throw a Shelly 1 onto each of them (so three Shelly 1’s) or similarly a Fibaro switch, but problem is I don’t have room in the back box / wall or enough length on the existing wires to easily do that so ideally would like an all in one switch solution…


You might want to search for wallswitch homey with z-wave or zigbee.
Or Ali has a lot of tuya switches that are compatible with Homey.
(Although some people don’t like stuff from Ali Express, i use about 10 of them for years now)

Thanks, similar I’ve used Ali and Tuya for lots, tho do find Tuya a little temperamental in Homey

My concern is that all three inputs will be on the same circuit as standard I presume and not sure if there is any way to avoid that…

Do you want 3 different switches to control 1 light ? if its a smart light you could use like these switches…Im quite happy with mine.

Originele Aqara Opple Draadloze Schakelaar Zigbee 3.0 Smart Lichtschakelaar 2/4/6 Knoppen App Afstandsbediening Voor Apple Homekit mijia App|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

Actually the opposite. One plate, three switches, three lights

OOh but can’t you just use a Smart switch with 6buttons won’t you be fine then ?

Sadly not, most of them (maybe all of them) power the “smart” bit using a single power source, but because one switch is actually on a different circuit this won’t work for me
The added complexity that the other two are two-way switches to downstairs also makes it complex

But won’t this work?
For instance use battery powered smart switches instead of the normal switches which does gives you extra depth in the wall socket.
And I guess you’ll be able to fit Shelly 1 (not the Shelly 1L) since the 1 does have a relais switch…

Ah I hadn’t considered the dry contact on a Shelly 1, that’s a really good shout

The other switch needs smart bulbs or similar i believe but if the switch downstairs is activated that would shut them off so it needs to be physical rather than virtual

Thinking about it - the Shelly wont work… I have no neutral at the switch (this is why I eliminated it in the first place now I think about it…)

aah that’s to bad, this one doesnt support the bypass indeed.