Smpl mini display: battery powered e-ink display made for Homey

No, you’re wrong. One Stop Shop is only if you sell to consumers. A company is not able to get the back VAT, what is more, it has to declare local VAT on whole purchase once more, when it imports the goods.

When you sell to other company within EU, which has an active VAT EU number (you can check it on VIES website from European Commission), you are supposed to do it with VAT 0% - that’s EU law implemented in every country, one of the base EU rules. When importing goods with VAT 0%, such a buyer company has to declare the local VAT on such a purchase.

So - for me - It’s very weird you don’t want to do it as the rules say. Everybody does it, not only the biggest like Amazon, but most of small companies too…

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Hi Piotr.
Thank you very much for your interest.
You clearly know the rules better than me.
We are a very small start-up and have to keep admin at an absolute minimum. Developing, manufacturing, selling, distributing and supporting 30 countries is a big task. Currently we can’t handle that many special cases both manually and technically. That also goes for finance and book keeping.
We have also been approached by several companies wanting to become distributors/resellers. This is something we are currently not interested in. Our business model currently can’t support any discounting/dealer profit and the Homey platform is still a small segment with limited volume potential. And we want to avoid any parallel import.
But I will dig into it and see what it takes to accomodate this for you.

It would be great if you could dig into it :slight_smile:
I don’t know how it is in your country, but here in Poland it is really easy to start selling to other EU companies with VAT 0% (it’s much, much, much easier than to consumers with different VAT for every country), so I think you won’t have any troubles.

I don’t want to be a dealer and I’m not asking about discounts :slight_smile: I just want to buy several smpl mini displays for my company, as Homey is our central unit in our offices :slight_smile:

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Hey there. I’ve noticed that on occasion, 2-3 times a week, this seems to happen that one of my displays (it’s always the same one) looks like this. There’s a small exclamation mark at the top right, one of the icons (always the fourth) doesn’t work (it’s supposed to be the same icon as the third, the pig with the coin), and the numbers are light gray. Every time it happens the display fixes itself after a while. I have them on refresh every five minutes so I’m not sure how long it usually takes but I have the feeling it’s more than one refresh cycle, but less than five.

Any idea why this is?

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No problems here like that. Maybe it has todo with the range (smpl is to far away from the homey).

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I think if that was the case it would happen intermittently to both displays, not only the one on the left. :blush:

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This is the ‘lost connection’ screen, which is described in the online manual: Device manual - The smpl mini display

  • If your smpl mini display loses connection to your Homey, after a while an exclamation mark (!) icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Lost connection is defined as five repeated unsuccessful attempts.
  • This is most often caused by your Zigbee network and will repair itself shortly after which the display will start updating again and the icon will disappear. The repair cycle is defined as three attempts to connect at 10-minute intervals, after which an attempt is made once an hour.
  • You can also try and force a reconnection by either pressing the back button once or removing the batteries and inserting them again.

It depend on their individual route in the Zigbee mesh including which router they are connected via. Please verify by looking at developer Tools under Zigbee: Homey Developer Tools

As well as the individual impact on surrounding radio noise (Wifi and BLE is also 2.4 Ghz, even a microwave oven can cause problems).

Our experience is that it is in fact better to connect close to a Zigbee router device (mains powered) rather than to connect directly to Homey.
Somehow the max 15 connection rule on Homey can cause problems, despite not currently having connect 15 devices directly to Homey. As if there is a ‘cache’ storing some previous connections or even only former attempts to connect.
So, our advice is to connect via a good Zigbee rounter device (e.g. IKEA repeater, plug or bulb, Frient smart plugs, Aqara smart plugs,

Thanks. Both devices connect directly to the Homey. I can try for the sake of testing to switch places for them to see if their position matters. I don’t have many zigbee devices, but the Homey router is on the floor above only 3-4 meters away so hopefully that is close enough.

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What about data update frequency. Is it different from each device? I am thinking, are the sensor templates updating more often in one layout compared to another?
And, why have you decreased from default 1 minute to 5 minutes? This will give you quite long battery lifetime, but could also be obtained by utilizing pause/resume action cards.
It could be interesting to test these two scenarios: 1) swith display layout between the two displays, 2) set update frequency to default 1 minute.
Just to see if this changes anything

I’ve been using the display for a while now.
And I show the current electricity price.
In all overviews you will see several digits after the decimal point.
But within the display it is rounded to tenths of Euros. So you can adjust this rounding.
Or is there a setting somewhere that I can adjust this rounding.

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Hi @johan_W
We made a limit of max 1 decimal to 1/ save characters and enable use of big font more often, 2/ most sensors don’t have an accuracy on more than one decimal anyway.
So, it can currently not be changed (in the firmware). But you can create a logic variable were you re-calculate the value in Eurocents and show this instead

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