Smoke detector that alert each other in case of fire

I’m new to this and is about to buy my first Homey. I try to read as much as I can about different devices so that I have a complete set-up-plan to work with.

Smoke detectors - I’m in the market for a smoke detector that alert other smoke detectors in case of fire even if the Homey is down. What if the fire is in the room where my Homey and it stops working? We sleep on the second floor and IF there is fire it would probably be in at the first floor and for our safety (and good sleep) it would be nice to know the smoke detector works, and alerts, all the other even without Wi-Fi/Homey working.

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Smoke detectors work standalone, that they can be connected to homey is extra. So they will going crazy when there is smoke, even when homey is not working

Yes, I know that they work and alert me even when Homey is down. But my question is if they also alert eachother (if one alerts, all alerts) when Homey is down? As many ordinary smoke detectors do.

When Homey works I must be able to create a flow for everyone to alert in case of fire?

No, you can’t trigger the alert of the other SD with flows.
With one exception I know of: POPP Smoke Sensor 004001
And if I understand it correctly, other smoke sensors are also activated independently from Homey.

The Heatit Z-smoke AC detector can be linked through Z-wave to one another and the Siren can be triggered from within Homey.
So it is also possible to have the sirens triggered based on a detected burglary.

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His question was if the smoke sensors also communicate with each other when Homey is offline. And that doesn’t seem to be the case with the HeatIt, right?
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As I wrote, I’m not sure if this works with the POPP smoke sensors either.

Smoke sensors for 20-30 € from the DIY store automatically trigger the alarm to the other smoke sensors, without any gateway.

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Yes, it does.
You’re able to create Z-wave direct associations which remains working while Homey is offline.


Ok, you’re right, I didn’t thought about associations. :+1:t4:

Thanks for your answers.

A question about Fibaro Smoke Detector (since I don´t have any system yet I’m not able to try) - How is it not possible for Fibaro SD, if smoke is detected, to trigger the other to alert?

Edit: Wrong statement! Associations yes, but not to each other (battery operated devices).

With associations. This is not a special Fibaro feature, this is a Z-Wave feature.

@Edwin_D and @Caseda, many thanks for the information and correction!

Where does it say in the manual they can do that? The Fibaros are battery operated and go to sleep between sending status, so AFAIK these can’t. As I understand it, they can switch other kinds of devices, but not each other.

Maybe I miss some info, but I also do not know how to set these associations (that are indeed a z-wave standard feature) using Homey. As I understand it, this can only be done through a Fibaro hub.

EDIT: found it on the forum - you can indeed set them, but I’m not convinced it will work because they go to sleep.

Indeed, besides POPP and HeatIt, all other brands that have (battery) smoke sensors can’t be activated from the outside because they are asleep (that includes fibaro), so if you want a z-wave smoke sensor that can be activated from Homey/other z-wave smoke sensors, you are limited to those 2 brands.