Link Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detectors

Hi, I am kinda new to this smart home. But have started with Homey Pro now as my main unit.
Had 2 old Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detectors for my old smart home system.
I have connected them by zigbee and have tested that they work separatly. I get an notice in the app also there.
But now i want o link them togehter so that if one alarm goes, all my other should alarm aswell. Tried setting up a flow chart for this, i found the “When firealarm” for the aqara product and my firealarm there, but did not find it in the “then” where i should set it to make the other alarms ring. Cant the firealarms be linked or what am i missing?

Thanks for any help

There is no such option, as far as I know.

I just saw some smoke detectors have joint alarm option. So perhaps there is a chance to configure them to make them ring together. Or you can ask the developer of the App to control the siren independently. then you can make a flow, that if one alarm fires all sirens get activated.
The downside is that you don’t know, where the smoke is. So an alternative is to by extra sirens that sound different from the smoke detectors. Then you hear if in the alarm everywhere, but you can also detect the origin of the smoke.

That would not work, TED has completely different priorities at this moment and for past year or so :frowning:

Probably your Homey cannot make it control another smoke detector because the device is battery powered.
A battery-powered device only sends out signals and does not wait for signals from others.
Then the battery runs out very quickly.

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Correct except I remember there was option/discussion to trigger alarm manually as test (maybe it’s even in the official app but don’t have / can’t confirm myself).

Thanks for answer guys :slight_smile: Think i will try the separate sirene that u suggested

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