Smart socket (zigbee) with power meter-energy counter is 100x too much

i recently connected some no name power socket with energy meter and it works good with homey but the problem is in energy counter(the power meter is all good). The counter is counting 100 times too much KWh. I have connected car charger to that socket and it was working for 6 hours with 2KW power but the counter says it consumed 1224Kwh. I cannot find any setting for that one…

I have a similar problem with some tuya zigbee sockets bought at aliexpress.
One of the sockets shows about 10 times the power that the others, 'though linked to equal consumers.
different energy meters
It is the same socket, when I swap the consumers. The Chinese reseller cannot help my. They are not even willing to tell me the producer’s company name and address, or eMail.

Which brand and model, @Slawek_Pe ?
Maybe the app developer can fix it by adding a calculation

Post your issue in the dedicated app topic pls → it’s mentioned at the bottom of the store app page.
This is also my advice to you, @DirkH You probably use the Tuya zigbee app?

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Well as I mentioned its a noname socket, probably also from aliexpress and its using standard homey zigbee, not any external app.

If a device has quirks (like yours), don’t expect the generic Zigbee implementation to work around those, you really need a specific app for that.

thank you @Peter_Kawa. Yes I am using the (experimental) Tuya zigbee app.
I will check with the developer. I just saw this Post and thought I shoukd reply now, that it is not only one issue.
My sockets are quite new and I just had a disappointing chat with the reseller.

Sorry, missed the ‘no name’ part appearantly :wink:

I experience the same with a new Nous A4Z, which I added as a generic Zigbee device. Without any power connected, the kWh is increasing by 5 kWh each night.


While it’s a Homey generic zigbee device, it seems to be a bug.
It’s best to write to instead.

Firmware v10.1.0 supports generic zigbee power measurements:


I have the same issue, ordered generic Tuya Zigbee wall plugs with power metering and I get the same measurements, about 100x too much. but there is a Tuya (unofficial) app, wouldn’t it be a good idea to report it to the developer of that app?

Some problem on vimar sockets, but x10.
I report it at support. Generic driver should need an option to format value

When you use the Tuya Zigbee app, and the measurements values are still off: yes

When you use the generic zigbee implementation: report to Athom support.
While in this case, there’s no app involved

I analyzed this for the Tuya device I had problems with. It simply reports the Wh output instead of kWh, as it seems. Dividing it by 100 when reading the reports fixed it (in the device driver in the Tuya app).

I don’t think this can be fixed for a generic Zigbee device (if the standard unit is kWh for Zigbee power_meter, which I am not sure of).

Yes, the default unit for meter_power is kWh