Tuya zigbee smart plug data reset

Hello all,

I’m stuck with the following;
i have a tuya zigbee smartplug from aliexpress, all works perfectly.

Only now would I like to reset my total kWh usage.
I have already removed the plug and pressed the button for a long time, but the value remains.

Does anyone know how to set the data to 0?

Regards Rick

I think that’s only possible when you temporary add it to a Tuya(-based) zigbee hub, using the Tuya smart phone app.
After that, remove the plug from the hub again by, using ‘Disconnect and wipe data’.

When you pair it with Homey again, the counter value should be zero

That’s a shame, I don’t have a tuya zigbee hub, I only have homey. That should also be possible via homey, you would say. Thank you for your response

Well, íf it is even possible, it has to be programmed into the app, and specially for every type of plug I guess; I don’t know how much work that involves.
Remember, this (and all other) community app developer does all this work for free, in his/her spare time.

Imho it would have made much more sense when Tuya provided for a reset pinhole of some kind on the devices → but that would make the devices more expensive less cheaper.
And let’s be honest, one can’t have it all with the cheaper kind of gear.

JFYI, a few months back, Lidl sold a (Tuya based) zigbee hub for €12,95 so, problem can be solved for the price of just one additional plug…
And that’s the advantage of cheaper priced gear!

Oh no. I’m not complaining, I’m happy that people put the time into making these apps. But I wondered if it was possible, and that is possibly just a separate hub, I know what to do.

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