Reset power measuring on Tuya zigbee TS011F_plug_1

I have a couple of Tuya zigbee smart plugs, that work fine with the Tuya app.
However, in some cases for testing purposes, I would like to reset the power measuring to zero.
Through homey I could not find a way to do so.
So, to achieve my goal, I set up a zigbee2mqtt on a raspberry pi, added the plug, and could reset the power measuring to zero, by using the DEV console and executing the command "Endpoint: 1 Cluster: 0x00 Command: 0 Payload: ".
That worked, showing that the device can do it.
Question now is : how can I reset the power on homey ?
In the device settings there is no way to send the above command.
So I see 4 options
1 writing a homeyscript, but I have no idea what the code would look like
2 instead of using the pi als MQTT server, use homey for this, so I can use the zigbee2mqtt dashboard to connect to the homey, and use the DEV console. But perhaps I am missing someting here, because also the zigbee deamon is running on the pi, and probably should have something similar on the homey, for the dasboard to work.
3 Instead of the homey controlling the zigbee network, let the PI do so, and let the homey control the devices through the pi. But that seems like a complex solution, making it less reliable.
4 The elephant in the room option : abandon homey and migrate to zigbee2mqtt. But that is the worst option because homey has the ability to control multiple protocols, and most of my devices are zwave. And homey adds a abtraction layer, making domotics far more easy to use. So I am sticking to homey, but would like to have somewhat more “under the hood” possibilities for zigbee, when needed.

Option 1 seems most feasible.

Besides restting the power usage, also the homey lacks the possibility for a firmware upgrade of the zigbee devices, which the zigbee2mqtt can do. That would also be a much liked feature.

So I am wondering what ideas you have come up with, as workarounds for the zigbee limitations.

Thanks kind regards Theo

Hello Theo,

About using Z2M and Homey combined:
I have option 3 up and running, but with the Z2M integration in Home Assistant.
With MQTT Broker on HA, and on Homey MQTT Hub & -Client, and the Home Assistant Community app.
And the Zigbee devices, controlled by Homey, respond ~1 second faster, so…

True, but I’ve almost no issues with the setup.