Smart Presence list of coming and going


Wanted to check with bamli but can’t figure out how to send msg here…

I wanted to use Smart Presence as an easy way to record wifi arriving and leaving office, dates, times etc.

Bought a Homey just for this, and installed Smart Presence… But… Seems to be quite a lot of fiddling with it in order to get what I was intending to do…

Is perhaps an RPI a better way?

U could ask @balmli to send u a message. U cannot send a message as a new user so the other way around could work.

Great! Hope he read your post and could reply to me. I have more os less understood I have to go another way… Sad, I was looking forward to using Smart Presence and the Homey…

He should be able to add insights to the capability. My Netscan app show when a device is reachable / not reachable in the device insights.

Is that the sort of thing you want?

I am looking for something that can create a list of attendance/presence. I have retund the Homey and looking for other alternative.