Smart lightbulb that dims to almost zero

I use motion sensors to turn on the light in the hallway near my bedroom. When someone is asleep, I want to dim the light as low as possible, just to navigate.
The Philips Hue White bulb I used is still very bright when dimmed. Can anyone here recommend a smart lamp that dims to practically zero?

I only use LIFX but at least for those I can confirm that they can go as low as 1% and that is almost too low in pitch black night :smiley:

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I used an inwall dimmer from (I used a robbshop, but fibaro etc will also work)
Advantage: youcan use it with any (led)bulb

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I have tried a few brands and the lifx color 1000 is the dimmest one. But how you experience the lowest (1%) is different. If you go from fully lit to 1%, it feels very dim. But if you wake up to a 1% setting, it actually feels quite bright.

I use a green color at 1% in the hallway at night. That combination feels like the least amount of light (at least to me).

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I mostly use smart switches and dimmers throughout the house, but in this case that wasn’t an option. I’ve bought a Lifx lamp, that did the trick for me!