Experience with Ikea Tradfri bulbs

Hi all,

Last week I installed a few Ikea bulbs, the ones with a spectrum of white colours (1000 lumen). I connected these to the wake-up option of our Nest Hub. Works in a great way, but I wonder whether the start of it can be smoother. It now turns on and gives the bed room a sea of light… The minimum dim value is fairly bright, so I assume it’s related to that. Or someone here should have a tip / an idea about modifying that.

However, as the bulbs are 1000 lumen, I could also consider other bulbs from the Tradfri range. Who has experiences with these? Is the one with 806 lumen (3 shades of white dimming), or e.g. the coloured one or the 250 lumen (old fashioned look) a better option?

Looking forward to suggestions and experiences!

I have one of those as well, and my experience is the same; the lowest light level is very high. The lamp in question benefits from a high output, but we also use it as a hallway night lamp to make it easier for the kids to bother us at night. Hue bulbs generally seem to have a lower minimum level, and they announced a 100W equivalent bulb just now, so I will try that.

Thanks! I accidentally found out that Ikea’s smart plug works well as a night lamp thanks to its small led to indicate it’s on. Good enough to show the boys the way to the toilet…

So, ok the minimum output is high. This counts for the lower total output as well? I switched from Hue to IKEA for cost reasons and better performance at the top floor without too much effort.