Looking for a bulb with a low start brightness

Hello guys and girls!

I’m looking for a bulb that can start at very low lux. Most bulbs I have tested, like hue or ikea have a start brightness wich is allready very bright.

I like to use it as a wakeup light…

Only one I have seen is the philips hue go light, but Im looking for a E27 bulb.

Anyone an idea?

My best guess will be that ur cutting off the power of the bulb?
I know the IKEA bulbs start at the level they went off. They are also selling the E27 version.
Mind u!! If u buy the 1000lm it’s gonna be a tiny bit hard to include it to Homey. Make sure u buy all the rest of them except the 1000lm!!

So you mean I have to dim the voltage that comes on the bulb to dim it further? Is there really no bulb wich start at only a few lux when it is set to 1%?

No i did not mean that.
But when u cut the power of a Hue bulb ( in any state of dim level) and u put the power back on it will start at 100% dim level. The IKEA start at the level he was when he was on.
So, do u cut the power when u put it off?

Aaaah I understand what you mean. But thats not the point.

Thing is, when I dim the bulbs from ikea or hue to 1% by example, they are still very bright. I like to dim them even further, but that is not possible.

An philips wake up light has a start brightness of only a few lux, and become brighter minute by minute. I like to simulate that effect with a E27 bulb, but cannot find a good one for that…

Do you understand?

Ah, ok. Now I understand yes.
Then I can’t help u any further because I don’t have any other E27 bulbs here connected to Homey. Sorry.
I can say that the Philips Hue ledstrip V2 is very nice dimable but then u say that’s not E27! :joy:

You need to find a lamp with the lowest possible brightness at max, the lowest E27 that Ikea sells is 600 Lumen. If you could do with a E14 you could get one at 400 Lumen.

The question remains how bright it will be at 1%, will it be 4 Lumen (for the E14 one) or higher…

(I have some 350 Lumen GU10 spots that are still to bright at their lowest setting so I share your experience)

I’ve a Yeelight LED Color Bulb and can start at a very low brightness and change it slowly to max.

Jup, I’m also using one of those hue ledstrings, and indeed, they are perfect! But i’m looking for a bit cheaper solution…

@HTilburgs: Thanks for the info! Do you know if there are also Zigbee versions of those lights? Or only Wifi… In that case, I can try the wifi version… Are there specific Yeelight bulbs that I need? Or is there just one Yeelight E27 color version…

Could replace those expensice strips, haven’t tried it myself yet. But planning on buying soon:

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Hi Coen, did you already test the setup? When I read it it sounds quite promising but I want to know for sure this is compatible with Homey.