Philips Hue, flickering 100% at start

Hi! I have the Bridge, so can not use the Zone Memory app since it is only for Pro ;(

I have a flow that turns on my bedroom lights at 2% in the morning, then over 30 minutes increases to 100%. My issue is that when it turns on - first it turns on at 100%, and then turns down to 2%. So effectively it flickers and wakes us up in a flash of light… rendering the dimmer over 30 minutes useless.

I am also using the Hue app, had it before and not taken the jump to move away from it. In the Hue app, I have the power-on settings to “last used”. I have a go to sleep routine that dims the lights down to 0% and then turns off.

Any ideas on how to solve this? :pray:


  • Hubs: Homey Bridge (10.0.2), Philips Hue Bridge
  • Apps: Philips Hue (others, but assuming not relevant)
  • Light: 2x, Philips Hue White Ambiance LED E27

Hi Fonda, there’s a topic for the Hue app [APP] Philips Hue by Athom

But while I’m here: most lights turn on by only changing the dim level. So no need for turning it on prior to setting the dim level. You can try this first if you like.
Other hint: for a non-hue bedroom light, I dim it to 1% before turning it off. This way it starts at 1% dim level when turned on.

How to find app topics:

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