SLV lamp connect to Homey

I have a SLV spot, with two lamps on one switch.
Problem 1: Homey does not support SLV. When I connect one lamp as Simple Zigbee, I cannot dim the lamp.
Problem 2: only one of the two lamps can be connected.
Does somebody knows a work around?


Gues SLV is a brand?

And with that homey needs to have a app for the brand to get it working.

Yes, see
They have their own gateway:
It’s around 270 Euro’s (in the Netherlands). I don’t know if a gateway from SLV can be used with Homey. But anyway, I rather don’t want to spend another 270 Euro’s.

If you can’t find an app for it on, then no.

Dag Roy en Robert, ik zie nu aan jullie naam (en heb ff gegoogled) dat jullie ook Nederlanders zijn, grappig. Dacht dat ik op internationaal forum zat en dus maar in het Engels. is toch internationaal?

Ja, we zijn Nederlands, maar je zit in het internationale deel van het forum en daar is Engels de voertaal. Er is ook een specifieke Nederlandse categorie.

And now back to English :wink:

Yup real “kaaskop” :+1:

But as stated above, you need a homey app to get it working.

Ok, back to Englisch. :slight_smile:
Yes, I have the Homey App. But it does not recognize SLV. I did ask if there is a workaround, but I think there is not.
Strange. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with Conbee II Zigbee dongel, and App from the supplier of the Conbee. The App does make a connection with SLV bulbs, also two in one spot and I can dim the lights. Unfortunately Homey can’t. (I did buy a Homey for the buyer of our house, because it’s more easy to use then the Raspberry Pi.)
Ok, case closed, thanks for your reactions.

Wel, the way homey works is that every brand needs his own app in homey.

Dont know about conbee, i believe people use it with homey. So try to search for it.