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Show device label next to tag to avoid mistakes

If you have multiple motion devices for example, a tag like ‘Helderheid’ (lux) doesn’t show the device it belongs to. Even clicking on it, it does not reveil it. I believe the web version has a hoover function, but the app doesn’t. Please add this help me avoid mistakes.




After claiming in this post that it doesn’t work for me at all, I’ve now found out that the device/sensor only shows up in some, but not in all cases.


I think it depends on wether it is a control were you can only put in a tag, e.g. in logic cards (not shown) or when it is part of a string like in notifications (shown).

Don’t understand what you mean exactly.

Just 2 examples:

The device (Light sensor) is indicated

The device (any sensor with temperature measurement) is not indicated (not for both tags!)
Btw, I don’t really know from which device the two tags are, because it was just a test so I took 2 different temperature tags out of the tag list.