Display label for devices?

I’ve noticed that when creating flows, I’m sometimes able to see which room/label a device belongs to.
But it’s very often not shown in lists, f.ex favorite devices list.

This makes it impossible to distinguish devices from each other.

Is there any current way, or a feature on a roadmap, to be able to have the label shown behind a device when listing it?

I know I can rename them with the room name, but I feel that’s unnecessary as it’s already categorized in stories and rooms, and has the possibility to be shown in some views. Thoughts? Am I the only one annoyed by this?

This is an example from creating a flow - after having chosen a random device. The option are now labeled! This makes so much sense, so why not have that in every other mention of the device, except from when showing them in the devices tab (where the room is obvious.)

Sorry, not a problem here, I have no devices with the same name.
But I agree on the sparse available info in many places @ Homey. Could be more clear.

Please contact Athom. Athom is (almost) inactive in the community. And because you don’t want to rename the devices or add an extension, probably no one from the community will be able to help you.