Should I buy Homey? :-)

I’m considering buying Homey, however I have some things to consider before I buy it - I hope somebody here can help :slight_smile:

  1. Does Homey works when no internet connection is available?
  2. Is there a way to backup/restore Homey?
  3. What happens when Homey breaks down? How does the warranty works? I’m from Warsaw, Poland - where should I take/send Homey to have it repaired?
  4. Is there some online demo of Homey control panel?
  5. How does the “14 days money back guarantee” works? Can I use this guarantee if I turn Homey on decide I simply don’t like it? If so I assume I will have to resend Homey somewhere… where exactly? Which country?
  6. Is there an option to make Homey completely silent and disable this colorful LED ring?
  7. I noticed there’s a support for Osram Lightify bulbs and Xiaomi Aquara switches/sensors… will I need Osram and Aquara gateways or does it work directly with Homey?
  8. Is there a way to integrate RESTful sensor in Homey? I have a CO2 sensor build by me based on Raspberry Pi, it provides REST endpoint to read CO2 level… Can Homey integrate with it?

Thanks in advance!

The questions that I know the answer of:

  1. Most stuff will work
  2. Not right now, but that will come in a future update
  3. Yes, you can disable the color ring and turn off the voice

Maybe you should use the search option. Most of your questions have already been answered.
In addition:

  1. Everything that doesn’t need the cloud will work
  2. Not at the moment. On the 1.5 firmware there is an app for backing up and restoring flows.
  3. Ask Athom or your seller, this is just a user community
  4. Visit, it has many clips
  5. Ask Athom, this is just a user community
  6. Yes
  7. For xiaomi: direct will work but not for all devices. Take a look at the app to discover which ones.
  8. No idea about that, again, try the search.

Soon… :tm:

You’ll have to return it to the store you bought it, so if you order online you have to send it back to the Netherlands. But Homey won’t break except for a red ring for some… As for not liking : impossible :wink: it might take a bit of time to get used to Homey and her possibilities…


That’s the main selling point of Homey : not needing anymore gateways…

Yes, see :