Questions about Homey Pro before purchase

Hi everyone!

A friend tell me about homey and today I use Jeedom and Home Assistant (HA).

So, i’m interrested to purschase the new homey pro because this include all technologies in One box.

But i’ve some questions for what i don’t found a response :

  • i read that Homey Pro can work without internet (local only). So can I access to this on browser or mobile app with a vpn that can access to my local network where Homey is present ?
  • because Homey interface is hosted by the homey pro appliance, whats happened if the appliance is dead ? if under warranty, how much time for a replacement ? If warranty is expired, can we restore a local backup and use this to future hardware of Homey Pro ? Can we also temporally use the cloud solution on waiting for a replacement or I need to consider to keep HA or Jeedom in parallel to preserve my domotic ?
  • is Homey plan to give one day a virtual appliance ?
  • can I totally include an hardware that not integrated by Homey ? for example : IPX800 from GCE electronics or KLF-200 from Velux
  • what happened when Homey decides to no continues his project ? my domotic system is compromised ?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

These are all questions to Athom (the company name) imho, please go to > scroll down to Customer Support, follow ‘All articles in Customer Service’, and follow the link for 'Submitting a support request"
This is just a users forum.

Yes ok i’ll do that but i come back with the response from support here for help another people in the future.

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Yes, that would be nice to read about their response.

Does anybody know if we can use Hue lamps in the new Homey Pro without having to purchase the Philips Bridge as well? Thanks!

Yes, the search bar in the store is your friend.
The app is called ‘Philips Hue, without the bridge’

Super! Thanks Peter :top:

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Here’s the response from support :

  1. Homey has a local functionality, but in order for everything to work properly it will need a steady internet connection. Using a VPN is not recommended because Homey needs location and time to be exact in order for geolocation related functionality to work.
  2. We have never had any downtime of the Homey server, nor the app being unavailable
    For a replacement, something will have to be really broken. In almost any other situation the new Homey Pro offers enough tools to repair the software yourself. In case of a hardware defect, it will take perhaps 1 or 2 weeks for a replacement to arrive depending on stock. Since Homey Pro is now still in pre-order, stock for replacing them will still be several months away.
    Backups can be used to migrate settings/devices and flows to a replacement Homey
  3. (they do no understand the question) => We already offer virtual devices as an experimental feature
  4. (they do no understand the question) => This is a strange question…if it is not integrated or supported by Homey, you can not include hardware.
  5. If we would ever for any reason would cease to exist, then yes your domotic system would be compromised. There is no company that could offer you any other reply.

So I think Homey is not the solution for me. I can’t imagine being without domotic while waiting for a box (new or replacement). I thought Homey had a fast replacement service, backup solution or a system that can start on a virtual machine at this price.

I think HA with separate dongle’s is the best solution for me :slight_smile:
I left apple for this reason, I will not make the same mistake again :wink:

OK, thanx for getting back with the reply.
Enjoy HA, I like it as well, and I like the two (HAmey) combined.

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