Shelly UNI real time value

I use a shelly uni with Temperature sensor. to control a heating application.
Homey updates the temperature value at 70 second intervals.

I would need a granularity of about 10 seconds.
Anyone know how to fix it in Homey Pro.


Hello Mats,

Most often the device sends changed value updates to Homey → Homey normally does not check sensor values (with or without fixed intervals).

Where did you find the information Homey updates the temp at 70s intervals?

I’ve got simple Aqara temp sensors, and they send an update in 5s, when the temp changed by 0.1°C
Not shure why Shelly should be so much slower.

If you think this is a Shelly thing, use the official Shelly app topic please, instead of just starting new topics, thx.

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Hi Peter
I have made my own measurements which result in an update time of 70 seconds.
This is not Shelly’s problem.
in the Shelly app, the time is updated by 5 seconds.

There must be a delay in updating in homey.

Hi Robert
There must be a delay.
I think it is in the Homey app Shelly.
Is there any way to see the Temperature entered. I mean the update time

Did you check the post I linked to? Specifically the troubleshooting part? Even more specifically the “delayed status updates” part?


what do you mean.
know why there is a delay

Robert posted a link to the Shelly app topic, where you can find an explanation of fixing these delays you’re experiencing
Of course you’re supposed to follow the link, or hit the v to reveal the complete howto & FAQ :wink:

I linked to the troubleshooting guide, which has specific entries related to delayed status updates:

excuse my poor explanation of the problem.
It doesn’t explain anything about the problem I’m asking about.
there because I had a problem with your references.

the problem is :
The temperature value from a Temperature sensor connected to a Shelly uni does not update the value in Homey before every 70 seconds


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Why is a banana yellow.
When your only goal is to find out about the why, I’d like to advice again, to post your issue in the Shelly app topic, so the dev gets notified as well, next to other shelly users:


Do you want to solve it?

We are trying let you read this piece of FAQ below. Did you read it, or didn’t you read it, you’re so unclear to me…
Did you follow the steps mentioned, and does it change the interval of 70 seconds?

“delayed devices status updates” also include temperature updates