Shelly devices stopped working


20 hours ago all my Shelly devices stopped getting refreshed (1PM, H&T, Motion). I can switch 1PMs on and off form Homey but no feedback of motion, temperature, energy consumption, anything. Checked my devices on Shelly Cloud and they work perfectly fine there. I saw the Shelly app was updated. What do I do wrong?

Did you already reboot or PTP your Homey?

There is no local Homey. I use Homey Cloud only.

You can try to “restart” Homey cloud.
This is only possible when you temporary change the language.
After selecting an other language, you’ll have to confirm a restart. Restarting takes about 5secs.

Updating the shelly device firmware also seems to resolve these kinds of issues.

Changed language to German and back to English. Restarted two times. No success. :frowning:

All Shelly devices are on the latest firmware but I restarted one to see if that helps. Bad luck. :frowning:

Bummer. Please report to or [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly
And the beta team
Feedback Homey (Beta)

Seit 2 Tagen kann ich die Shelly Geräte nicht mehr physisch schalten und bekommen auch kein Feedback mehr wie Leistung, Temperatur usw.
Wenn ich die Schaltflächen betätige, schalten sie zwar optisch in der Homey-App, aber nicht physisch das Shelly-Device. Von der Shelly-App aus funzt alles normal.
Ich hatte das Problem in den vergangenen Monaten 2 - 3 mal, aber nach einem Tag ging immer alles wieder.Aber diesmal warte ich schon 48 h vergeblich.
Kann es sein, das Shelly immer wieder irgendwelche Ă„nderungen vornimmt, die Homey nicht schnell genug implementieren kann?

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I cannot switch any shelly-device and either get no Feedback like Temperature or Power since 2 days.
If I press any button on the Homey-App, the color of the button changes and it looks like, it will switch the light or what ever, but physically it doesn´t.
If I switch any button in the Shelly-App everything works fine.
I had this problem 2 or 3 times in the past months and a day later everthing worked again. But now I am waiting for 48 hours without success.
Is it possible that shelly changes sometimes anything and homey doesn´t get it to implement this changes their App?

It’s more likely a configuration issue. See the first post of the official app thread.

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