Shelly plus 1pn stopped working

Shelly plus 1pn stopped working

Homey diag repport


Wow, a diagnostic report, a Github issue and a seperate forum post. All without any usefull information on what “stopped working” really means.

Use the actual support topic (the one place you havent posted yet) to describe the issue in more detail and I’ll look into it.

It was written in several Shelly app update changelog that you’ll need to readd some of the Shelly modules soon because the whole app is under rewriting.

3.12 has come 1PM gone… others will follow. Add them again!

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Thanks, ill try to re add them tonight :blush:

Sorry, couldnt find support topic, this is my first time needing help with any app for homey that i couldnt google the answer to, ill try to re add them tonight and if that doesent work ill try to find the support topic and write in more detail

thanks for the help, it worked to delete them and re adding them