Problem setting temperature for shelly TVR´s from homey

Hey there,

I have some problems setting temperature for TVRs in Homey Bridge.

I already used the search but did not find anything - if this problem is already being discussed in other threads please give me a hint.

My problems only seem to be one way → I can see changed temperature in homey when i set it in the shelly app or the WebUI. In this direction all works perfectly and fast.

When i set the temperature in Homey it will not change in shelly app or be sent to TVR at all.

I use fixed IP´s for the TVRs and have configured COIOT as [local IP of Homey]:5683.
What´s going wrong there?

Thanks a lot,

That might be the issue, because you’re using Homey Cloud there is no “local IP of Homey” (that you have a Homey Bridge is irrelevant in this situation). You need to configure your Shelly’s to use cloud access only.

The TRV,s are not supported on Homey Cloud. The Shelly Cloud API is missing the commands to control this over the cloud. It’s stated in the app store under the device support.

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thanks for the quick replies, must have missed this little detail… So then its time for a PRO now :slight_smile: