Trying to get Webhooks to work

Hi team,
I would like to have a Shelly temperature sensor to push data as a webhook to Homey Pro to a virtual device.
Since Homey Pro does not allow Shelly cloud devices (only on the same wifi) I’m trying to see if the webhooks can help me out.

My homey ID has been covered below…

Shelly, on my temperature sensor Action / Temperature URLs, i have tried:

In Homey Pro I have set up the following, (screenshot in Swedish):
If a webhook event with the event_id called poolhusTemperatureValue has been received it will update that value on my virtual device.

Sorry, Therefore Re-opend. and delete in the other Topic

Despite the topic title, I think the question is not about how webhooks work, but about how to get a Shelly capability value into a webhook, what is the event or tag that needs to be entered…
So I guessed that knowledge can most possibly be present with some Shelly users or @Phuturist @ Shelly app topic.
Just my thoughts.

@Peter_Kawa You are right.


In the Shelly WebUI of your Shelly HT you can select a tag to send as part of the URL whoich will be replaced by the value of the device. Adding the temperature tag to your Homey webhook would result in the following URL.<my_homey_id>/poolhusTemperatureValue?tag=$temperature

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