Shelly H&T 700ecc

I’m trying to connect my Shelly H&T wifi Humidity & Temperature sensor to Homey.
I used the app from Jelger Haanstra. Adding the sensor is no problem, but it does not show any data.
It does show something like “10 minutes ago” when I tap the temp icon, so I think it is receiving something, but it does not show up.

Anybody any tips?

Greetings, Robbert

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Did you manage to solve it? I got the same issue…

Can you check in the Shelly app if the report URL has been set under I/O action URL’s. It show a URL which includes the IP address of Homey. If it isnt there you may have to re-add the device.
If that doesn’t do the trick you can promt it manually:


First ip-adress is your homey ip-adress, and the last XXXXXX is the “device id” consistent of 6 numbers of your shellyht which you can find in the shelly app under settings/device information

Good luck!