Get temperature from homey sensor via HTTP?

I’m using an application called Blynk to control some parts of my home automation. I would like to pull a temperature and humidity value periodically from Homey via a simple webhook (, is this possible\easy?

I’m using a Xiaomi Aqara Temperature sensor via the Xiaomi Mi ZigBee App.

I’m not really familiar with how webhooks work but maybe there is something useful in these links:


Hi Robin,

I didn’t think the webhook manager supported GET but I see from the update log it does now.

The only issue is I need some java code to enter into the webhook manager…

Have you already discovered javascript code? I also run into this problem. So all you want to share.

No, I cannot work it out :frowning:

Why not put the temperature value in a Better Logic variable and use the Better Logic API to retrieve it. It’s all described in the read me from Better Logic in the app store.