How to read a sensor value on Homey from another machine?


I’m currently buiding my own local dashboard and I struggle to finish it as I cannot find how to achieve what in my mind was a simple task : I want to retreive from homey the outdoor temperature from a specific sensor using an HTTP request.

I also wanted to have a button that opens all my blinds, this works pretty well with HTTP request flow cards App for Homey | Homey, however it is not possible to READ a value using an HTTP request.

After searching a while, I’ve seen that 2 other apps (Webhook Manager & Micro Web Server) can react on an HTTP resquest but again, cannot return a value.

The last (and most logical) way I found is to use the integrated API but :

  1. It is not officialy released, and it’s not changing for a very long time
  2. The workaround uses a so called “bearer token” which can change without notice (I tought that I had found a solution here Getting a bearer token - Homey but it only stores the token in a variable, agin there is no way to read it)

Hopefuly I missed something, would someone have an idea on how to read the temperature ?

Many thanks for your help !