Get device values over HTTP


I’m building a display to show me various things.
One thing I want to display is values from various devices connected to my Homey. (Homey Pro 2016-2019)

I figured there should be a way to do an HTTP request like http://<homey-ip>:<port>/api/device/<device-id>/temperature and get a JSON response.
My searches have turned up empty handed. All I find is documentation for creating the responses for an app. Not how to use this on a client side.

Any pointers is highly appreciated! :pray:

This is all local, by the way.

Check out the WebAPI.

If you want only local access, you can use the API Token from HomeyPro23 (use this tokes as bearer token).
If you need access via www, then you have to request an WebAPI access (client id/secret) and use oAuth process.

FWIW, I have a dashboard page running on a Fire HD tablet using ‘The Fully Kiosk Browser’. To get data out of Homey, I make a web request via the ‘Micro Web Server’ app which triggers a HomeyScript that sends a web request back to the tablet using a ‘Fully Browser’ API.

Messy, but straightforward to implement. Might give you an idea.


Thanks, but HomeyAPIV3Cloud is a JavaScript library? And can you please explain what you mean with the “HomeyPro23” token?

From what I’ve understood, access via WWW is not available for personal use?