Shelly offline in homey

I have 10x shelly 2.5s all with static IPs and showing in the shelly app as online and working (very reliable) However the Homey app more often than not shows them offline and doesn’t trigger flows.
Does anyone know of a fix?
Have tried restarting Homey.
Have tried reinstalling Shelly and all the relays
Nothing seems to work reliably.

Afaik a firmware update of the Shelly’s makes a difference

Or is, as for many, your Homey wifi unreliable and Homey often offline? If Homey wifi is not connected, it can also not connect to lan devices.

Thanks but already updated

Thanks it is my impression that homey have traded simplicity for reliability…Am seriously thinking about ditching my pro and going to home assistant…Bigger frustration upfront but better overall result in the long run.
Not all that impressed with homey after using it for 10 months

And now u want our opinion on that?

The setup of your wifi can be a factor.

You can also consider monitoring Homey ↔ Wifi AP with NetScan, to see if it is stable or not.

But go ahead and ditch your Pro

thanks but not on that comment :wink: Just a bit frustrated that’s all…will try some of the above as I have tried the 2.4 already

Send a diagnostic report from the app settings when it happens again. That will confirm any networking issues. If all devices go offline around the same time it’s most likely a bad WiFi connection of your Homey, a flaky network stack of Homey or some time controlled firewall / DNS server like pi-hole which is blocking communication between Homey and the Shellies.

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