Shelly 1 keep getting disconnected from homey

But keep working with google hone and shelly app, only with homey not responding
Fix after uninstall and re install shelly app in homey
Any help plz?

Have you assigned a static IP address for your Shelly in your router? Could be that your Shelly got a different IP address and Homey can’t reach the device anymore.

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No i dident,i will try it later
U think this will help?

If it changes it will break the connection between Shelly and Homey. So that would be the first thing to rule out by assigning a static IP in your router.

So i set static ip
For my shelly but still after sometime it is get dc in the app
Any more ideas?

Send a crash report from the all settings when this happens. This might tell me more. My guess is that the connection times out due to unstable network stack in Homey. But the crash report will tell me more.

i never did it before :smiley:

now the shelly is unavailble
Go to settings and creat diagnostic problem and copy paste the number?

So for the last 2 days since i reset shelly
And re attached it to homey
And off course set static ip
Now it worked well
I hope it stays like this

Tank you so much !!

I have the same problems. Created a crash report.
After uninstalling Shelly app it works for some days and then loses connection

The log tells me that Homey can not reach the device. Since you say that the Shelly is reachable by http and Shelly app and has a static IP that can only mean there is something wrong with the network stack of Homey.

I could create a debug version of the app that might give me details but you would have to run it from the command line until the issue occurs (which send to take a couple of days).

Sure just write me a pn and I will do it tomorrow

I don’t have time right now, will probably be sometime tomorrow evening. I’ll post a link to the debug branch here when I have created it.