Can not add new Shelly to Homey

Hi, I have 7 shelly’s successfully running. Now I want to add nr 8 (Dimmer 2) and after the icon selection nothing happens, resulting in ‘Error timed out after 30000ms’
Homey is at 7.1.0 and Shelly just upgraded to 3.0.50

Any idea’s?

Can you reach it through it’s web interface? Or the shelly phone app?
Did you reserve IP addresses for all?

Yes I can reach the Shelly device. It is functioning OK. Also Homey sees it when adding a new Shelly. All my Shelly’s get assigned a fixed IP so I alway know where to reach them with the web interface.
But this one does not want to be added to Homey…

Oh, bummer. I’ve read that updating its firmware may make the difference.

Shelly is running latest firmware…

Did you restart the Shelly App in Homey? I discovered that if you change the IP adres of the device the shelly App is still connecting to the old IP adres. If you restart the App it finds the right one.