Shelly timed out 30000ms

Hi dear all, I have an homey pro version upgraded to the latest 4 software version.

I have aqara sensors, aeotec sensors and shelly switch linked to homey.

Yesterday I change wifi at home, and I got a mass to reconfigure homey.

Anyway, at the end it linked again to wifi, but I got a trouble : If I restore my previous backup, homey dont recognize the shelly switch anymore, because I change them to static ip address.

SO I go to advanced options, and change the ip address of each shelly switch, but nothing to do.

So I decide to remove all the shelly and reinstall it.

It seems to work, homey find all the shelly, but when I click on one of it and go to the next step, after a while I got this error : timed out after 30000ms.

Anyone can help pls?



with me the same problem with a shelly 1 pm. Has it worked out yet? What was the solution