As of today, coincidence or not, after the upgrade to 7.2.0 of my Homey Pro I am experiencing a lot of problems with the Shelly app.

Some, not all, devices can’t be turned off or on anymore, while the Shelly’s are perfectly accessible via http://.

Anyone else saw this? or any pointers?

Have you performed a PTP?

Not physically… I have rebooted all I can reboot though. I’ll try a PTP on my Homey Pro.

Well that didn’t help. I turned off the Homey Pro (pulled the plug)… waiting for about 11 minutes… turned her back on. After a while it was booted but the Shelly app did not start. I waited a bit more and restarted the shelly app. Now I’m back to the same problem.

I did a full recovery and picked a backup to restore. It now works. But I got a new issue: slide app is now broken.