Shelly actions to Homey push notice

I have a Shelly 1 on a gate opener control. It does work (Shelly app, homey flow).
However, I want a push notice when opener is operated with its original button or 433mhz remote control. I guess I need Shelly actions to get some kind of report to homey (url?) to trigger a homey push notice, right? But what app should I use for receiving the URL and which URL?

I don’t have any Shellys in use myself, but if I understand your requirements correctly (the Shelly 1 is responsible to open the gate) and also look at the flow cards from the Shelly 1 in the app store, this flow should work:

– Turned on
– Push notification

This means, when the Shelly 1 is turned on to open the gate (by what does not matter), then a push message will be sent.

In my When flows, I see ‘External input is turned on’. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?
I don’t use that function so I’m not sure.

exactly, the shelly is 1 option (divided into homey and shelly app) out of 3 (RF remote, toggle wall switch).
I had the same idea but then I thought I ll only get a notice when I use the shelly to open the gate… and this what happens when just using “turn on” in shelly homey app.
But getting a notice when RF or wall switch is used is more important because when using homey/shelly it was myself ususally.
I guess shelly 1 at least recognises that the gate has been avtivated by another mehod as it ll also get a power pulse, right? So I just need a way, shelly shares this info with homey in some way.

@theFops, I ll look into External input funtion but I guess first I need a way to tell homey sth happended at all

Perhaps you should explain how everything is tied together, because it doesn’t really make sense to me. How is your Shelly connected to the gate opener? In any case, the Shelly 1 cannot measure power.

Okay, now I have almost understood the setup.
What is the toggle switch connected to?
To the Shelly 1? Or directly to the garage door opener?

Okay, @robertklep was faster… :+1:t3:

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Shelly is directly connected to the control box. On 24V pins parallel to other wires. Guess it’s the cleaner setup but maybe this way Shelly has no clue what is going on

Shelly has no clue what’s going on, of course.

The switch should be connected to the Shelly instead to the garage opener, but I guess it has to be a momentary switch (please have a look into the manual). Then you have already 2 of 3 options recognized by Homey.
The 433 MHz remote is the problem.

I assume that the 24V is to power Shelly, but how are you switching the gate opener from Shelly?

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Yes, looks like that. Main interest would be remote anyway. Guess I need to find a good but cheap outdoor door contact. This way I will also know if gate is close. Especially in the evening.


Yes, 24V is to power Shelly. My electrician also wired the control lines to the „Open“ pins on the control board.

It might be possible to wire the control lines that are connected to the “Open” pins to Shelly’s “switch” contacts, and just Shelly’s output to the “Open” pins, so the other controls (the wall switch and the RF remote) will be controlling Shelly, and Shelly is controlling the gate opener.

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An interesting approach! Gonna check this out