Shelly 1 Short and Long Buttons actions

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Well we are back again :stuck_out_tongue: in addition to previous topic i opened

So with the great advise by @Fire69 i bought a Busch & Jaeger Puls switch along with a Shelly 1 Wifi switch to active in my case my alarm flow within homey.

As i am still in testing phase i installed the puls switch and wifi switch within the wallsocket and it reacts…:S but not like i wouldt like to hahaha. So the wifi switch response once i press the pulse button but as soon as i release it it turns off.

So i setup a test by connecting a bulb to the installation just to see if it stays on once i push the button, or if it goes off assuming the logic that if this will work i can aply it within homey to actived flows. Within the app i checked the actions app and see the options for long and short press what would be ideal to for my setup using long action for “on” and short for “off”.

However unfortunally i spend a whole day trying and searching but unfortunally without any results.

Is there somebody having the same problem or maybe can explain me what i am doing incorrect?

Thanks in advanced

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Seeing the problem, I would suspect that your Shelly is configured to think that a toggle switch is connected instead of a momentary switch.

I don’t know the configuration of the Shelly’s, but in this manual ( you can see that you can change the type of switch.

Hi @Fire69

Of course every step is one right :wink:

Yeah read it several times but can’t find it that quickly.
These are the options that I got within the app.

I think it’s something Power on default mode

I think it’s the “Momentary” button type that you need to set.

And the power on default mode ? Needs to be set as on ? Or as switch?

“Power on default mode” is unrelated to how the Shelly responds to buttons, it’s related to what Shelly should do when it gets powered up (however, Shelly should always be powered up, so the setting only applies to situations where, for instance, there was a power outage).

I tried and indeed it did the trick as soon as I push the button it stays on and if I push it again it turns of so that’s great. Now I want to see how I can active the long and short action :s