A small guide on how to create Shelly action event - Shelly i3

Hello, I know I’m going to make a very simple question for most of all but I am a newbie with Homey world and I can’t find a simple guide to create a flow in the mega thread on Shelly app based on shelly action event…

My target is to create a flow where a logical variable (yes/no) get a value based on my Shelly i3 status change. I linked the i3 to a contactor which cut the power to my plug when I insert the alarm so it’s a very precise indicator if someone is at home or not.

I understood I should create a flow with Shelly App action event in When, then in “and” part of the flow I should insert 3 different logical tag

  1. device id is exactly shellyi3x-XXXXXXXX
  2. name is exactly ***shelly name - which name should I indicate? it’s the name on homey or the name in shelly app? or something else?
  3. action is ?? I have read I should find it through creating a flow with this trigger card but really I can’t understand how, I just need to know how I can call button on and button off,

The last question is how to create a sort of listener of this event. I would like to have an immediate change of the variable when the contactor active or deactive the i3 input. How should I realize it?