Shelly - Action event stopped working

I’m using a Homey Pro and around 75 devices from Shelly. A few days back my buttons stopped working. They are connected and can be accessed in Homey but I can’t get any reaction in Homey when using them. I further noticed that creating a new flow using the Shelly App and the “Action event” the list of devices to choose from is empty. Needless to say I have restarted the Shelly App, Homey, my entire house…

Anyone having an idea what the issue might be?


Maybe you can ask is in the Shelly group.

Did you only do a restart of Homey or also a PTP. (Pull The Plug)
Turn Homey of for about 11 minutes and then put the powerplug back in.

Thanks Mike. I tested a 15min PTP. The problem remains. Opening a new flow and choosing Shelly action event, then the list of devices is empty.

I really don’t understand what the error is.