Using a Fibaro or Shelly switch to turn on/off Alarm

Hi All,

So I’m fairly new into the wonderful world of all the Homey possibilities but i have a question about something that is probably very simple but hope that somebody can help me.

I have now bought some test add-on to set up a small alarm system at home. I have read about the Heimdall app that offers me exactly what I am looking for. For example, heimdall offers the possibility that if I press a button 3 times that the alarm is on or off.

I want to switch the alarm system on and off by using a pulse switch at the main entrance, I have an empty wall socket at the front door where I want to place it. I found wifi switches like Shelly or Fibaro that are also supported by Homey.

My question is whether I can also use this as a switch for the alarm? as normally you will use this to turn on and of lights

As I said, perhaps a too simple question:S but would rather have your opinion before I order everything

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Absolutely possible :slight_smile:
Just make a flow, WHEN switch pressed X times THEN disable Heimdall.

Hi Fire!

Ahw that’s great news !! and does it matter if i buy Shelly of Fibaro ? as there is quite a difference in price :stuck_out_tongue:

No, doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile:
Depends if you’re planning to expand to more devices in the future. I like to stick to the same brand as much as possible. I have Fibaro everywhere, other people prefer Shelly (as you said, quite a bit cheaper and works great I hear :slight_smile: ).
I use a Xiaomi Smart Switch to enable/disable Heimdall (as backup only, Heimdall is controlled with our mobile phones :slight_smile: )

Oke that great news !:smiley:
Well i am in a starting fase so at this moment i can still apply everything.
However as you also mentioned i preferusing same brand as much as possible, so its more comparing what the differences are between Shelly and Fibaro except the price.

Well thats the thing i have Xiaomi Aqara Magnet sensors and wanted to use a Xiaomi Switches, only the thing is i have in my house Busch & Jeager switches and where i want to install it is an double socket so Xiaomi won’t fit into the housing of Busch & Jeager.

So my work around was to apply a pulse switch of Busch & Jeager and behind controlling it with a wifi switch such as Shelly. At this moment i can only imagine i will have a 2th place that i will have the same problem and thats for the motorized sunshade, but if this works i think i can resolved that quickly :slight_smile:

Should work great like that :slight_smile: