Sharptools Dashboard / Homey

Yes, I used this custom tile:

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This is a super tile.

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Everytime my Homey is rebooted I have to authorize Sharptools again, in app settings. Restart of the app does not do the trick.
Anyone know why?

From the limited information provided, it sounds like the settings aren’t being persisted. Have you tried completely uninstalling the app, rebooting your Homey, then reinstalling the app?

If that doesn’t help, can you share more details about what’s happening? When you first open the app settings, what color is the indicator for Homey Connection and SharpTools Connection?

And when you complete the authorization and are returned to the SharpTools app in Homey, does it still have your original device selections or do you have to select those again?

Hi there…
Yes, you have to restart Sharptools, after a Homey reboot
I just use my phone and in Homey, I go to apps, scroll down to Sharptools and choose restart app… This works for me…

Indicator is pulsing green.

Yes, I am returned to the app and the device selections are correct. When I click save SharpTools starts update on my tablet screen.
I only have to do this after Homey reboot.

If I just needed to restart the app I could make a flow to restart the app. I need to “reauthorize”.