Homey + Google Nest 2nd Gen + Sharptools = Works!

Hi all,
I got myself a Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen, with the idea to use it for Homey.
I’ve used Smartthings + Sharptools for years, and have come to create some cool dashboards for my phone to control lights, thermostats etc, and to get info from my motion sensors (Hue) and door sensors (Aqara), and it worked great.
I moved to Homey Pro and ported the devices there with only little issues; then created new dashboards in Sharptools, and was happy.

But I wanted the Dashboard on my desk, always visible, and I knew with some tricks I could make it work on the Google Nest Hub 2nd gen.

I was inspired by the HomeyDash concept, and used the ideas to use with Homey + Sharptools, and this is how it looks.

Here’s the flow:

Happy to answer any questions if you want the same.



That’s awesome - thanks for sharing! And the dashboard looks great! :star_struck:

What app is ‘Kontrolpanel’? How to set this up?

Hi, how did you manage to login to sharptools dashboard on the google nest??

You can link a phone login to your SharpTools account and use that.

Unfortunately, the Google Home doesn’t have a keyboard, but the phone login input field has a button you can tap on the right to bring up an on screen numeric input.

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Hi Joshua,
I don’t quite understand what you mean, how do i link a phone login to sharptools and how can this be used on the google nest hub to login? do you mean mirror the phone to the nest hub or can i use this as a way to get around the keyboard issue with the nest hub?
Appreciate your answers :slight_smile:

Phone login is the green button in your photo. It lets you login with an SMS code.

You can link Google, Email/Password, and Phone/SMS login types all to a single SharpTools account:


Not an app; you simply “cast” the webpage to the Nest

But the cast will not last longer then about 9 minutes so you have to create a restart flow.

Correct, if you look at my flow in the beginning of the post, you’ll se that this is what I’m doing

@Carit_Stenberg but your flow start with something called kontrolpanel, that’s your tricker, But what is this app? I think that is what @aunmo is asking because I have same question. :slight_smile:

It does not matter what the device “kontrollpanel” is or which app it uses. This is just the trigger he uses for starting the flow.
You can use whatever trigger you want to start your flow.

Correct, “Kontrolpanel” is just a trigger to start the flow.