Homey dash on Google Hub

Hi all,
Is there a simple manual avaliable for showing my homey dash on a Google Hub (gen1) ?
I am a new user to Homey so please do not make it too complicated :slight_smile:

Simple manual.

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It’s not so difficult. Just follow this instructions in the homedash topics. I used the Google Chrome browser to do this.

Thanks, the virtual device works and I get the login screen on the Nest Hub but it’s the login screen.
When I go to login on the hub i does not do anything. :frowning:

From what I know: Use a regular browser (tablet, laptop, phone) and open homeydash.com
You have to log on, and follow the instructions.
You’ll receive a token, with wich you can open your dash.
If your dash is shown correctly, copy the url, and use that url in your “cast url to hub” card.
This way you don’t have to logon again. As long as you don’t change your password that is.

I have been running my dashboard on my google nest hub since this week. Works fine on its own
I would like to be able to stream this site https://my.homey.app to the hub. I find it a more convenient overview in itself.
streaming to the hub is possible, but it asks for login details on the hub and of course I cannot enter them there.
Anyone have an idea?

Afaik it’s not possible. With a tablet it is possible.

The homeydash link is now rerouted to homey.ink. They sell wall mounted devices for dashboards based on Kobo screens. When registering I need to upload some type of Kobo file before I can even start. There is no indication this works with Google Nest.

Looks like they made some changes. Is this still working? If not, is there an altarnativve?

No, nothing’s changed, but you have to create a token per homey.ink. That’s why.

When opening the url with your token (and other values), homeydash.com displays your favorites.
Howto is in here:
Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

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