Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

What have you done to the top to create Your own buttons for lamps and tv channels ?

You can use bootstrap for example

Any way we can add devices per room rather than only adding all of the favorites? With 70+ devices it can become a bit of an annoyence pretty fast.

You can create different accounts with there own token so this way it’s possible, I did it this way for 3 rooms and one global dash


Greate work!

it would be nice if you coud ab also some ‘type’ icons to replace the original. Like the capability logo to have a light logo instead the Fibaro device for example.

Homeydash.com on a Nest Hub.
Add the Nest Hub to ur Homey as a Chromecast device and call it whatever u like. After that make a virtual device ( i used the virtual device app from Arjan and added a light with just the on/off capability) and call it “Dashboard” . Then we make a flow with casting a website to ur newly added Nest Hub:



Then we can say “Turn on the dashboard” and voila!


Can you also control things on the nest hub, or only show the dasboard?

U can control the tiles yes! It has a touch screen so turning lamps on and off and show the temperature on the tiles works like a charm!

O wauw… thanx for your replay… I think i’m gonna buy a nest hub if i can controle everything… I whas thinking to buy een normal tablet for the dashboard app but the nest hub whill be much nicer ik think :slight_smile:

Find the teaser!!

I heave no idea…

@DaneedeKruyff will tell u all about it soon. :wink:

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Home temp upper left & customized icon on tile lower right? :grin:


Bonus points earned!


That means @autolycos won the 23 beers!!! :joy:


@Rocodamelshekima Your beer is getting too warm…

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I’m sorry, i’m a newbee on this so i didn’t know that it was special :see_no_evil:

That in home temperature is awesome at the top left corner!

Added local a weather widget.
Now its perfect.


cool… if you have motion sensor in the room you could set it too dashboard if motion was idle…